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  • Peak Performance & High Energy Levels 100%
  • Stress Free & Quality sleep 100%
  • Healthy Gut & Eat what you like 100%
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High Energy Levels

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Quality sleep

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To accomplish greater things in life, you need to have the brain working with high efficiency levels. Alertness, concentration, focus and memory are key factors to create a successful life. However, these faculties won’t work if you are not relaxed or you are stressed out or even lacking good sleep. You also must have noticed that you fail to think right when your gut is not in proper order. Thoughtbiotics is designed to provide a complete solution for enhancing the overall quality of life.

Thoughts Create your Life

At Thoughtbiotics we believe that thoughts create our life, thoughts design our destiny


  • Positive Mindset
    High energy levels
    Attention & Focus
    Alertness & Memory
    Free from stress
    Relaxed and Calm
    Good quality sleep
    Healthy gut


  • Quality Thoughts


  • Quality Life

Why Thoughtbiotics

Motivational trainings can create positive mindset, though for a short period. Meditation can make you relax to some extent. Healthy food, rich in fiber or pre and probiotics can make gut healthy. But researchers prove that to get a sustainable result, you need to work on all these factors holistically.

You will be wrong if you believe that brain is the center point for all your thoughts and emotions and by setting the brain right you can set your life right. Latest researches have proven that your brain is under the influence of your GUT all the time. More than the GUT, it is the trillions of Microbiomes inside the GUT. The gut, its microbiomes, and the brain are connected by a complex communication and regulation system called the Gut-Brain Axis (GBX). The gut-brain axis is a bidirectional signaling network made up of neurons, hormones, immune cells, and microbial molecules. That is why when your gut is upset, your brain cannot function properly and vice versa. Go through the following facts, which prove that all these factors are connected to one another

  • Indigestion leading to headache and dullness
  • Cortisol keeps you awake and melatonin gives you sleep. Circadian rhythm is the cycle between them. If sleep is not proper, your day also get spoiled.

  • When the gut is upset you cannot think right
  • More than 90% of the serotonin (neuro transmitter which is responsible for happiness and good mood) is produced in your gut.
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Humans are emotional beings. And our emotions are created by variations of different types of neurochemicals. When you feel happy, it is because you have higher levels of serotonin levels. When you are stressed, you can find that the cortisone and norepinephrine levels are high in your body. That is why, even after attending many motivational trainings, some people still remain depressed. You cannot feel happiness even when great things are happening in your life. You feel depressed even though you have no reasons to be depressed. Unless and until you don’t bring back the neurochemical balance, you will not be able to enjoy your life.

Interestingly, many of these neurochemicals are produced in your gut. That is why gut is considered as a second brain. For instance more than 90% of Serotonin (the happy chemicals) are produced inside your gut and there are some specific bacteria responsible for it. Some bacteria are responsible for your happiness! Yes, it is true. Hence it becomes all the more important to maintain good gut health
by strengthening the good microbiomes inside your gut.

Thoughtbiotics range of products are formulated with an objective of strengthening the gut, brain and the axis which connects both, called
Gut-Brain Axis (GBX)

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Mental Wellness Assessment

Mental Wellness is what results in peak levels of performance, better sleep, sharp memory and an overall higher quality of life. You can undergo a Mental Wellness Assessment Right here, Right now, which will give you solutions to many of of your challenges you have now. Our automated system generates a highly personalized recommendation; that too Absolutely Free.

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Thoughtbotics are specially designed nootropic herbal supplements formulated with an objective to enhance the performance of your brain and gut and provide you a high quality life.

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To be successful in personal and professional life, you need to have your brain working at optimum levels with total alertness, high concentration, sharp focus and good memory. Vieroots FOCUZ is a unique blend of proven Ayurvedic herbs which synergistically enhance the overall quality of life and supports you to perform at peak levels in all areas of life.

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Quality of life diminishes when you are under stress or worried or having no proper sleep. Chronic stress and Poor sleep are proven to lead to metabolic disorders leading to major lifestyle diseases. Vieroots RELAX is a unique blend of proven Ayurvedic herbs which synergistically enhance the overall quality of life and helps you to be relaxed and calm and having good quality sleep.

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Your brain fails to function well when your Gut is not in order. Brain and Gut are in continuous communication though the Gut-Brain Axis (GBX). Your Gut is controlled by trillions of microbiomes. Emotional imbalances to auto-immune diseases can be traced to these microbiomes. Vieroots INTUIT is a unique blend of proven Ayurvedic herbs which synergistically enhance the overall quality of life by maintaining your Gut in proper health.

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